Medieval Beadwork

"Medieval Beadwork" by Brenda Whitehead, 24 pages, full color, soft cover, 2000. Peyote stitch and loom/square stitch. All graphs in full color. Color photos of each project.

These 24 pages are crammed with extensive beginning instructions (including diagrams) and embellishment instructions - Peyote stitch (flat even, flat uneven, point decreasing, tubular, etc...); Square stitch; Spiral Rope; Bead beads; etc...

There are over 40 individual graphs in this book! "Scenes From A Castle" series includes: The Knighting, Book of Secrets (cover photo) and Window to Avalon.

If you enjoy watching movies or reading about King Arthur and Medieval times, you will like the designs in this book! There are designs for beginners and all the basic instructions to get you started even if you've never done peyote stitch before. Transport yourself back in time with these designs!

"Rune Set" is a full set of Runes - with names and meanings for each one plus instructions on how to make the leather bag! Bead-by-bead increasing/decreasing instructions are diagramed for ease in working each rune. These instructions can be applied to all types of peyote designs that have increases and decreases! "Castle Wall" is a square stitch/loom woven necklace utilizing 3-D embellishing techniques. Can you find the lizard hidden in the vines?

"Lute Vessel" is a Tri-bottom vessel (instructions included) and can also be made into an amulet bag or a cuff bracelet. "The Elements" are "Earth", "Air", "Fire" and "Water". They can be made separately or joined in a "square" or horizontally. "Flying Dragon" is a small medallion piece with lots of possibilities! Necklaces and bottle decor are just 2 ideas.

These designs can be made by the beginning and advanced beader following the extensive detailed instructions! Click here for photos!

© Brenda Whitehead 2000 ***