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Dec. 8, 2005 -

Major renovations of this web site are coming in 2006!

July 25, 2003 -

Hubby and I took a wonderful 3 week vacation last month! Yellowstone is sooooo B-U-tiful! Watch for new designs from all the inspiration I came home with! My cameras were very busy. Home renovations continue slowly as we wait for the Texas heat to pass. My teaching schedule is filling up and preparations have begun for the Fall Show - the Austin Bead Society Bazaar. This year the dates are November 15 and 16 (still at Murchison Jr. High). Handmade journals decorated with beadwork and other things are new this year! Dominoes are not just for playing games either. -grin-

February 28, 2003 -

We had a family tragedy - October 24, 2002 we lost my father. I haved moved in with my mother while continuing to remodel Ponciana House. We hope to get it on the market soon. I am getting back to work now, publishing new patterns on The newest are the 'Alpha Series' - beginning with the letters to spell the word G-A-R-D-E-N! These are 5 x 7 tapestries which can be made with or without a border (smaller without border) and have regular graphs and WORD graphs. I am also designing smaller companion pieces using elements from the letters as a beginning. These can be made into small tapestries, but are meant for pendants and amulet bags. See these at the above link!

September 15, 2002 -

(Covering May 2002 thru mid-September 2002) This summer has been crazy to say the least! My husband and I have moved and been renovating our other property. My oldest son and his expanded family (Congratulate me! I'm a grand-mommy again! Trinity Rene was born on Mother's Day!) needed a larger place to live so we gave them the bigger house. We were planning to do these renovations anyway, that situation just gave us a nudge. I have a new kitchen -- cabinets, stove, dishwasher -- the works! Just don't have the floor in yet and no fridge until that is done. What are we using? The 25-yr-old one set up in the garage! We have a brand new bathroom, too (the other one will get done later). You should have seen my husband trying to get the old tub unit out! A lot of work for him, but somewhat amusing for me to watch.

We still have quite a lot to do, inside and out. The kitchen being done (almost ) is a big help in the unpacking department. There are still boxes waiting to be unloaded, but some things just aren't complete. My office is finished -- the only room in the house with baseboards and shelves in the closet! But, I'm still moving things in and getting things organized. I actually did backups to CDs last weekend! Oh yes -- all the beads are in place. In fact, they keep calling me. They get louder every day!

Moving back into a smaller house has made us realize we have waaaayyyy too much 'stuff'! (I love George Carlin's routine about 'stuff'. So true!) I started Scrapbooking so that stuff is in competition with my needlework stuff, quilting stuff, drawing and painting stuff, weaving looms and spinning wheel -- not to mention the BOOKS & BEADS! Sooooooo, I plan to 'finish' a lot of UFOs, pack neatly the projects that ARE finished but as yet unframed or displayed and just decrease the clutter in general. Hopefully by the time we're ready to move again (after finding land to build on) the 'stash' of stuff will be smaller. Much smaller!

Football on TV in the living room means Fall is approaching. My favorite time of year! All the holidays to look forward to and -- oh my -- gifts to make! Hmmm let's see, don't I have some UFOs? Be sure to check out my Web Site Only Special (see above) and the pages being added to Shopping Central. My Gallery will also get updated as I complete my UFOs.

I'll be at The First Annual Bumble Beads Bead and Gift Bazaar October 12th -- Be sure to check out the 'Other Stuff' page for details!

April 18, 2002 - Updating still going on! Check out a new free pattern! 'Daisies' peyote bracelet for Spring!

April 9, 2002 - Updating the whole web site underway! Please excuse the dust while we remodel! Check out the first new freebie! A new lesson page in the Classroom. Tri-bottom Vessel Basics! Includes the graph for the Striped Vessel.

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